After-the-Fact Review Reports Updates

ATF Review Reports Updates – 05/01/2019


For any questions regarding After-the-Fact Review Reports contact

Calendar Year 2018 ATF Reports No Longer Available After May 19, 2019.

Please note that due to scheduled system updates, the calendar year 2018 reports will no longer be available as of May 19, 2019.

Previously Published Updates

Effort Reporting Email Box

As the Effort Reporting System has been decommissioned, the Effort-q email box is no longer monitored. Please direct any inquiries concerning past Effort Reporting or the new compensation based After-The-Fact Review Report to the AFT-q email box (

PI Access Issues to ATF Report

Some PIs have experienced access issues when attempting to log on to the ATF Reports:

The tech team has indicated that this appears to be an issue with server/site permissions rather than with the report itself. They are collaborating with UTO to address. In the meantime, other users with this issue have found that if they sign out and then sign back in, the report becomes visible.

Downloading the Report

The ATF report is visible to the Award PI, Grant Account PI and listed unit contacts. If units need to share the report, they can do so by doing the following in the report:

  1. Click 
  2. Click on the Export Drop Down 


Original Post Dated 01/25/2019

OKED’s new After-the-Fact Review Report launched on Monday January 28. Lead Principal Investigators whose awards had payroll charges in calendar year 2018 received an email with links to the reports and a request for their review and acknowledgment of the payroll charges. Unit contacts listed for the lead financial unit of the award were copied on the email (to learn how to check unit contacts and request updates click here). 

To help units with this transition, the following resources are available:

  1. An information page with additional guidance on After-the-Fact Review Reports has been published on The After-the-Fact Review Report information page, available here, includes:
  2. The recording of the After-the-Fact Review Reports RA Seminar is now available in Research Academy


Units can access the After-the-Fact Review Report tool  here

Units are advised that anyone accessing the report directly from the ATF email notification will see the √ Acknowledge button at this time. However, the report will error if anyone but the Lead PI attempts to acknowledge it.