Handing Off a Draft Award Agreement to PNT, OIRC

WI-AS-10 has been split up to address Input from Units separately from Input from PNT, OIRC, and AMT. The Unit instruction is now presented in WI-AS-01, which provides guidance to units on sending award agreements to PNT or OIRC for negotiation and signature. WI-AS-01 also includes instructions for requesting a Pre-Award at-risk account, processing award modifications, and making requests for Post-Award changes.

WI-AS-01 identifies three ways that an RA is able to hand off a draft award agreement to the Proposals & Negotiations Team (PNT) or Office of Industry Research & Collaboration (OIRC). As preferred, an RA may forward the agreement by email, use the Notify PNT activity within the ERA Funding Proposal (FP) site, or Create a Task Request in the ERA Agreements module. Links and email addresses can be found inĀ WI-AS-01.

For additional information about PNT and OIRC, and about the Review and Negotiation Process, please see the Agreements with ASU page on the researchadmin website.