How to Prepare to Receive an Award

As a Research Administrator, the best way to prepare to receive a sponsored award is to identify any potential roadblocks that can halt the award activation process and delay the start of the project. To help spot and remove those roadblocks, RAs are encouraged to conduct a unit-level check (U-CHEck) prior to award activation.

What is U-CHEck?

U-CHEck is a timely, targeted review of the Funding Proposal in ERA in order to reduce administrative burden, expedite new award set-up and minimize inaccuracies at activation time.

I’m interested in implementing U-CHeck in my unit. Are there any resources to help me?

Yes! We hosted an RA Seminar where we went over the available tools including the U-CHEck tool, U-CHEck Tableau Report and sample Work Instructions. The video recording of the seminar along with all presentation are available in Research Academy

How do I request access to the U-CHEck Tableau Report?

Access to the U-CHEck Tableau Report is available to anyone with access to the KED Research Technology Office Dashboards. To request access, you will need to submit a ticket via ServiceNow and select KED Research Technology Office from the Group Name drop-down.

If you questions about U-CHEck and how to implement in your unit, please contact Sam Munguia.