IIA Page Update (August 19, 2022)

The Investigator Incentive Allocation (IIA) page has been updated to include additional information that may be helpful to RAs and department finance representatives.

New FAQs and responses have been added for the following topics:

  • Retroactive IIA allocation changes
  • IIA distribution schedules
  • Use of RID and IIA Dashboard report to monitor IIA distributions
  • Process for notifying KE Finance about investigators receiving their first ASU award
    • Note: Administrators no longer need to notify KE Finance when a new-to-ASU Investigator receives an award, as new investigators’ IIA accounts will be set up by KE via their reporting tool. However, administrators should still follow the “Internal Allocation Changes” instructions for WI-EP-130 to ensure that ERA reflects updated allocations for an existing sponsored project.

In addition, the IIA page includes clarified text throughout:

  • References to Coeus have been replaced with relevant counterpart information from ERA, Workday, and Analytics (i.e., the RID and IIA Dashboard).
  • Though IIA funds can be spent at the investigator’s discretion, KE Finance does still monitor IIA accounts for general compliance related to the transfer of funds, account changes, and purchasing within ASU regulations.
  • Units are responsible for IIA account reconciliation.
  • Emeritus and Adjunct investigators can receive IIA once KE Finance has been notified about their status.
  • Investigators do not receive notifications when IIA funds are distributed to their accounts, so they should work with their department finance representatives to monitor their IIA distributions and spending.