Important Reminder for 2018 ATF Review Reports

Fiscal Oversight sent an email reminder to all Principal Investigators with pending After-the-Fact (ATF) Review Reports for calendar year 2018. As a reminder, the review and acknowledgement of payroll charges is required for compliance with sponsor and University policies. The due date for this acknowledgement was March 15, 2019 and due to scheduled system updates, the calendar year 2018 reports will no longer be available after May 19, 2019.

For ATF Review Reports that remain in Pending Status due to manual redistributions of FY2018 pay, please disregard the review and acknowledgment reminder notices. These reports will be acknowledged with a manual process outside the ATF system. Due to system limitations, Workday-only redistributions cannot be reflected in PeopleSoft which is the payroll detail source for the ATF system.

Units are encouraged to reach out to PIs to assist with this compliance task in order to ensure that all acknowledgements are completed prior to May 19, 2019. The following ATF Review Reports resources are available:

For any questions regarding After-the-Fact Review Reports contact