Improvements to After-the-Fact (ATF) Review Reporting

Beginning January 2021, ATF Review Reports will be created shortly after the first pay period of a semester and will be referred to as ATF Preview Reports until shortly after the last pay period has posted to the report. 

Purpose: Enable PI’s and support staff to monitor and adjust payroll charged to grants throughout the semester. 

ATF Review Report Changes

  • Created: ATF Preview Reports are created 22 days after the Begin Date of the first pay period of a semester
  • Updated: Daily (no change)
  • Preview Report: A Preview stamp displays in the upper right corner in place of the Acknowledge button until 30 days after the End Date of the final pay period of the semester.
  • ATF Review Report: The Acknowledge button replaces the Preview stamp 30 days after the End Date of the final pay period of the semester, at which time the Preview becomes an ATF Review Report.

ATF Report Viewer Changes

  • Two Report Viewers:
    • Viewer for PI’s – This new viewer only has two filters making it easier to use.  ATF-Review-Report
  • Report Date Filter: Display of Preview Reports
    • Identifies which reports are in preview status, such as “Preview Spring 2021.”
    • Are not marked with an asterisk because they are not ready for acknowledgement.

ATF Acknowledgement Reminder Emails

  • Acknowledgement Reminder Email: Once the Acknowledge button is activated (30 days after the last Pay End Date of a semester), an email is sent to the PI’s with support staff copied notifying them that the report is ready for acknowledgement.  Reminders continue every two weeks until the report is acknowledged.
  • Past Semester Alerts:  The reminder emails will now include an alert if the PI has any ATF Review Reports from prior semesters that need acknowledgement.  The alert will appear as follows: AUDIT RISK: Also, one or more reports from an earlier semester need to be acknowledged asap.”
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We hope the new changes will contribute to an outstanding 2021! 

Please contact ATF-q or Shirley Bowles with any questions or suggestions.