Improvements to My Items in ORSPA

Updates have been made to My Items in ORSPA on RA SharePoint (

Enhancements that have been implemented include:

  • Only mod tasks that are currently active will appear on the main view (Active Award Modifications).
    • Mod tasks that require department action now appear at the top of the main view.
    • When users click on a specific task, it now opens wider to avoid horizontal scrolling.
  • A 2nd view showing “All Award Modifications” is available, in order for users to find completed mod tasks.
    • This view includes search, filter, and sort options as well as exporting to Excel.

Additional changes coming soon:

System-generated notification emails will start going out to all RA contacts listed on a modification task, to alert them when new notes are added. This is intended to keep RAs informed about the modification progress.

Some items to know about this email:

  • My Items in ORSPA notifications will come from “noreply_research” and always have “Modification notes” in the subject.
    • RA users are encouraged to set up Outlook rules to manage these system notifications.
  • The “Modification notes” email will be sent to everyone listed as an RA on the modification.
    • To update RA Contacts for a unit, use the “Update Department Contacts” link in the Who Can Help Me? tool (or email
    • Note: Changes to the unit contacts are not retroactive. If a specific award mod task needs to be updated with new RA Contacts, please contact the GCO assigned to the mod task.
  • Some modifications could possibly have multiple edits done in the same day resulting in multiple emails.