Industry Cost Summary Budget Banner in ERA

Users may have noticed that a yellow banner now appears on Funding Proposal (FP) sites when an Industry sponsor is listed as the Direct Sponsor. In the next few months, an Industry Cost Summary tab will be implemented in ERA Proposals to present ERA budgets as *fully-burdened quotes. The new tab will include a few separate budget tables, each with a different level of detail. These format options should cover needs for most of ASU’s industry proposals. Users will be able to copy the preferred version of the table and paste it into Word or Excel for transmission to the Industry sponsor.

While we await the enhancement in ERA, please continue to (or begin to) prepare fully-burdened budgets for Industry-funded research proposals. See below for sample formats, and contact your assigned Proposal GCO or [email protected] with questions.

* A fully-burdened quote is one that includes both direct and indirect costs summed together into one line, rather than breaking out direct and indirect cost details.

Sample Formats (Industry Summary_ERA Enhancement)

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