Intellectual Property Frameworks

6/17/2022 – Starting July 2022, the Industry Agreements Group (IAG) and Skysong Innovations will begin offering Industry sponsors options at Agreement time, tied to the Intellectual Property Frameworks as follows.

Intellectual property (“IP”) terms for a given sponsored project are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The terms may depend on the sponsor’s desired rights, the preferences of ASU faculty and leadership, the nature of the technology and industry, ASU’s investment in the development of the IP, funding sources, applicable law and regulations, and other factors. To simplify negotiations, below is a menu of frameworks that may be available for a sponsored project depending on the circumstances:

Any industry-sponsored projects proposed and not awarded will remain with 67.7% until time of award. During – or following – negotiation of an agreement, the F&A rate will be adjusted based on IP terms.