Known Issue with RA SharePoint – Updated

Update, 05/23/2019 – This post has been updated to include an additional workaround to avoid getting an error message in SharePoint.


Several units have reported getting an error message when attempting to access folders in the Award Files section of RA SharePoint. A screenshot of the error message is included below:

KE Research Technology Support is aware of the issue and they are currently working on a solution. The error is caused due to the large amount of files located in the awards folders. In order to see the contents in the folder:you must either search for the folder name directly or right click on the folder you want to open, select copy link and then paste it into a new tab.

You can also use the “Return to Classic SharePoint” functionality. The format of the page changes slightly, but you can actually still search on files, and the search is fast, and there are no errors. Files come up right away with no problems or delays.