Locating Invoices for Awards in Workday

Units can check on the status of award invoices in Workday. To help units quickly find this information, you can follow the steps below or watch a 15- second video demo here.

All Workday Sponsor invoices are stored on the Billing and Receivables tab in Workday for each Award. This tab provides data such as, but not limited to:
• Invoice Number
• Invoice Date
• Due Date
• Payment Status

Follow the below steps to confirm if invoices have been generated for the Award and the associated payment status:
a. Log into Workday.
b. Type Award Number into the search bar and hit Enter.
c. Select the Award in the search results:

d. Select the Billing & Receivables tab in the middle of the page
e. Select View Sponsor Invoices for Award. All invoices created for the Award will populate (oldest to newest).

Invoices and Payment Status

Invoice status will reflect a few different options depending on what stage of generation the invoice is in.  Below are the most common statuses and definitions:

  • Canceled:  invoice was canceled and has not been sent to the Sponsor.
  • Draft:  invoice is not completely generated and has not been sent to a Sponsor.
  • In Progress:  invoice generation is complete but requires second level review and approval.  This normally happens if a Student Worker or someone who does not have the Award Management or Award Management Team lead role in Workday generates an invoice.
  • Approved:  all appropriate approvals have happened for the generated invoice.  In most cases, the invoice has been sent to the Sponsor.

Please Note:  there are several invoices generated and approved in Workday that are not sent to the Sponsor due to revenue clean-up.  If you have questions on if an unpaid invoice has been submitted to the sponsor for payment, please reach out to your customer service liaison.

Payment status will reflect the following information:

  • Paid:  invoice is fully paid.  The Amount Due column will reflect 0.00.  This indicates the Sponsor has fully paid or an invoice adjustment has been completed to reflect the invoice as Paid, refunded, or bad debt write-off. 
  • Partially Paid:  invoice has received a partial payment.  The remaining amount due will reflect under the Amount Due column.
  • Unpaid:  invoice has not been paid yet by the Sponsor.