MacArthur 100&Change 2019 Competition

Additional FAQs added below, 5/1/2019, 5/21/2019, 7/23/2019

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The information below is meant primarily for Research Advancement staff.  If you have programmatic or technical questions, please email

As more information is released from the MacArthur Foundation, this page will be updated

The MacArthur Foundation 100&Change is, “a competition for a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem of our time.  To find out more, please visit the MacArthur Foundation 100&Change website or the 100&change program website.  The competition is launching in April 2019 and proposals will be due in August.  The submission of the proposal is through the MacArthur foundation portal.

More information about the details of the project organization and details on what can be funded can be found in the organizational readiness tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions – 4/11/2019

  1. Is ASU eligible to apply?
    • Yes, but applications will be submitted with ASU Foundation as the applicant
  2. Should proposals be entered into ERA:
    • Yes, proposals should be entered as pre-proposals in ERA. It is best practice to build a detailed budget, which can be done using the template function in ERA.
  3. Can we submit collaborative applications?
    • Yes, but one institution must be the lead applicant. The lead applicant and partner organization will need to have a fully executed MOU as part of the application. Note that single person LLCs, government entities, and individual are not eligible.
  4. What if I generate IP as a product of the grant?
    • Information about IP has not yet been released for this year’s competition. (5/1/2019 – see updates below)
  5. Can human subjects be a part of the proposal?
    • Information about human subjects has not yet been released for this year’s competition. (5/1/2019 – see updates below)
  6. Can indirect costs be charged to the budget?
    • Information about IDC has not yet been released for this year’s competition, but for the last round it was limited to 15% TDC. (5/1/2019 – see updates below)

Frequently Asked Questions – 5/1/2019

7. Has MacArthur Foundation released rules for this competition?

– Yes, the detailed rules for the competition can be found here and include information about IP and Human Subject Research.

8. What is the indirect costs rate limit?

Indirect costs are limited to 15% total direct costs (TDC).

9. What information is needed for the application?

– Details of the required information for the application can be found here.

10. What is the timeline for this competition?

– MacArthur foundation has released this timeline, with an application deadline of Tuesday, August 6th at 9am (AZ Time).

11. Is there an institutional log in for the sponsor portal?

– No, each team must have their own personal log in for the MacArthur 100&Change portal. The deadline for registering in the portal is Tuesday, July 16th at 9am (AZ Time). Only those who have registered before that time may submit an application.

Frequently Asked Questions – 5/21/2019

12. For the last cycle of MacArthur 100&Change proposals, ORSPA had an MOU template.  Will that be available again?

– Yes, ORPSA has drafted 2 templates.  One for when ASU is leading the proposal (complete with signature) (ASU MOU) and one for when ASU is a collaborative partner (ASU as Collaborator MOU).

Frequently Asked Questions – 7/23/2019

13. For proposals where ASU is a subaward, should ASUF still be listed?  Should these be in ERA?

– No, ASUF does not accept awards when ASU is a subgrantee.  Yes, these should be entered into ERA as pre-proposals.  If one has been entered into ERA as a full proposal, it should be voided and a pre-proposal site created.

14. How should budgets be entered in the application portal?

– The portal has a section that requests a detailed budget for 3 project phases. At this time, RAs should build out an internal detailed budget to ensure the scope is a $100M idea.  For information on building a detailed budget without a full proposal in ERA, see question 2.  The detailed budget section can be entered in as summary categories, i.e. Personnel, Fringe Benefits, Travel, etc. If the proposal is selected to move forward, then the RA should create a full proposal site and fully develop the three phase detailed budget