MS Teams Site for RA Community

Edit: The June 29th Intro session has been rescheduled to June 30th.

On Friday, June 26, 2020, a new Microsoft Teams site will be launched where RAs can share tips & tricks, best practices, and resources with each other. The RA Teams Site will serve as a platform for RAs to discuss sponsored projects questions and strategies with each other.

Note: the RA Teams Site will not replace any existing resources, but will provide a discussion board and other functionality to facilitate collaboration, support, and networking within the ASU Research Advancement Community.

What is Microsoft Teams?

For a 5-minute Basic Demo click here, for additional information (and to download the MS Teams application) please visit UTO’s Microsoft Office 365 Teams FAQ.

How do I get access to the MS Teams Site for RAs?

Upon roll-out, all individuals that are currently on the Research Advancement Distribution List (RA DL) will be given access to the new RA Teams Site. To check to see if you are on the RA DL, please visit RA SharePoint (all RAs that currently have access to RA SharePoint are on the RA DL).

To be added to the RA DL, please email or have a teammate use the Add/Remove Colleague feature on RA SharePoint.

Will training be provided?

Yes! Please register for one of the three duplicate introduction sessions listed below. The overview and demonstration will be identical for each session, and you need only participate in one session.


RA = Unit/departmental Research Advancement staff

UTO = University Technology Office