New Account Forecasting Tool Coming Soon

As announced at the Research Operations All Hands Meeting on December 4, KE’s Research Technology Office has been working with the RA Community to develop an Excel-based account forecasting tool. The forecasting tool is intended to facilitate account projections for sponsored and non-sponsored accounts. Below are some highlights of the many capabilities of this new tool:

  • Provides Summary Budget vs Actuals and Forecast for all accounts
  • Provides Detailed Budget vs Actuals by ledger account
  • Current employees can be forecasted using their exact pay and ERE rates pulled by the tool
  • Reconciles F&A automatically
  • Automatically updates F&A, ERE, and tuition rates based on forecast dates
  • ERE and Tuition is automatically calculated in an employee forecast
  • Detect over allocations
  • Automatically creates PI-friendly workbook and email to PI with cool graph

A release date for the tool has not been confirmed yet, but we will inform the RA Community once available. For more information on the tool, click here.

Units are encouraged to volunteer to be Departmental Liaisons to serve as an internal departmental resource for the new Accounting Forecasting Tool. As Departmental Liaison you can get access to the tool and will serve as the main point of contact to answer questions for other people in your department. To become a Departmental Liaison email April MacCleary.