New Changes to After-the-Fact Review Report Process

DUE DATE CHANGE: The due date for acknowledging Summer 2020 After-the-Fact Review (ATF) reports has changed from October 9, 2020 to November 30, 2020.

REASON: The ATF acknowledgement action presumes that payroll information is final. The due date for acknowledging is, therefore, moving to the end of the 90-day payroll redistribution window for the last pay period of the reporting cycle. This should give ample time to make needed payroll corrections before ATF reports are considered deliquent.

Keep in mind that earlier pay periods on the Summer ATF report have earlier 90-day window deadlines for payroll redistributions that still apply.


  • Reports are currently available to you in the After-the-Fact Review Report Viewer (See link below).
  • Only the Principal Investigator (PI) has the ability to acknowledge.
  • The first email notice to PIs will be sent October 6, 2020, however, PIs can access their reports early by going to the After-the-Fact Review Report Viewer.


ATF History Report

After-the-Fact Review Report Viewer

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