New DOE EERE portal coming November 2nd!

The Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) is moving from eXCHANGE to the EERE Program Information Center (EPIC) for FY21 funding opportunities.

Applicants will continue to use eXCHANGE for the following: (1) all EERE opportunities published prior to November 2, (2) all EERE merit reviewer activities, and (3) announcements published by DOE’s Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs or DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

Once applicants register in the system, accounts will be in pending status until they are approved by KE Research Operations. EPIC will send a system notification to approvers and registrants will be approved (or otherwise contacted) within 1-2 business days. If you have an urgent registration awaiting institutional approval, please email

Once the account is approved, applicants can begin using the EERE Program Information Center and apply for opportunities starting November 2, 2020. Early registration is strongly encouraged to ensure you can submit applications by the submission deadline. Please follow the step-by-step instructions included below. When prompted to select a role, PIs should request the Technical POC role and RAs should request both the Technical and Business POC roles.

Please note that the new system requires dual authentication. Users will be able to either receive a text message or download an authenticator app to their phone to receive a code each time when logging into the sponsor portal.

EPIC Registration Quick Guide

Go to EPIC 

  1. Go to
  2. Click I Agree
  3. On the EPIC Sign In page, click Create Account.  

EPIC User Registration page 

  • Enter First and Last Name in the corresponding fields. 
  • Enter the email address that you would like to use to receive a validation code.    
  • Click Send
  • Open the inbox of the email account you entered.  You will receive a Validation Code for EPIC registration. 
  • Copy and paste the validation code from your email into the validation code field.  
  • Click Validate
  • Optional: enter another email and/or phone number. 
  • On the Account Affiliation field, select Individual
  • Click Next

Select Organization page 

  1. Provide your Business Address information.  Click Next

Select Roles page 

  1. Select the role(s) that you will need to conduct business  in EPIC.  Click Next

Set Password page 

  1. Set your password credentials .  Click Next

Enable Multi-factor Authentication page 

  1. Select SMS or Phone Apps. 
  2. For SMS, enter a Phone Numberand click Send 
  3. Enter the security code and click Validate 
  4. For Phone Apps, select Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator and scanthe QR code or enter the key into your phone 
  5. Enter the security code and click Validate 
  6. Select Set as defaultfor your preferred MFA method 

Submit Request page 

  • Review your account profile and click Submit Request.   


Hours of Operations: Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST