New eRA Commons Home Page and Landing Screen Coming Soon

Updated, 1/11/2021 –

NIH has announced that the new eRA Commons Login and landing screen will be coming January 12th, 2021. Navigation to eRA modules within Commons will be through an apps icon in the upper-left corner on the landing screen. NIH also posted a video on Twitter of this new design.

NIH has announced that eRA will require use of two-factor authentication (2FA) through to access ASSIST, eRA Commons, Internew Assisted Review (IAR), and Commons. This will allow users to login to eRA,,, and Payment Management System using a single login. This 2FA will be mandatory by September 15th, 2021. NIH has provided video tutorials and FAQs regarding this update. More information on the initial set-up is also provided here, which should be reviewed well before September 2021.  

For those that don’t already have an eRA Commons account, a member of your team will need to create an account for you in eRA Commons. Contact [email protected] if your team is unable to create your account. More information can be found in the Federal Sponsor Portal Registration Job Aid.

Original Post, 12/3/2020 –

eRA Commons will be updating both their home page (log-in screen) and landing screen (after log-in) in January 2021 (NOT-OD-21-028). The new interface will be user-friendly and have a simpler layout.

The homepage will feature important resources and links along with a “Recent News” section that provides system updates. The landing screen will include a 9-square apps menu that allows you to easily navigate to other eRA modules.

NIH has provided a demonstration video and a sneak peak of this new design.