New ERA Notification for U-CHEck

As part of the effort to avoid any unnecessary delays in award setup, a new U-CHEck ERA Notification has been implemented. The U-CHEck notice will be automatically sent to the PI, with a cc to the RA Contact. The notification is triggered 60 days prior to the proposed project start date listed in the ERA proposal budget (SF 1.1 Budget Periods) for any proposals in a pending state in ERA (e.g., Submitted, Award Anticipated, etc.)

Below is the content of the U-CHEck notification for reference.

For additional information about this process, please see How to Prepare to Receive an Award and WI-SN-40.

U-CHEck Notification Content

To:  PI<>   
CC:  RA Contact on Funding Proposal <> 
Subject: Proposal Status Verification for FPXXXXXX 

Dear Principal Investigator. 

Our records show that you have a pending proposal with an anticipated start date within the next 60 days. 

Funding Proposal ID: FPXXXXXXX
Sponsor Name: <Direct Sponsor Name>
RA Contact: <From Funding Proposal>

If your project is no longer being considered for funding, please contact your assigned Research Advancement (RA) Staff so our records can be updated. 

If your project is still being considered for funding, you are advised to work with your assigned  RA to take the following actions: 


If your project requires any special reviews*, all proper approvals must be in place prior to award activation. To avoid delays in the activation of your award if/when one is received: 

  • Verify that special reviews marked in the Funding Proposal are correct.  
  • Verify that special review approvals have been secured. 

*Special reviews are required for projects involving Human Subjects (including Stem Cell Research), Laboratory Animals, Biological Materials, Native American Involvement, Export Controls, Scientific Diving, PHS COI.  


At this time, you are advised to work with your assigned RA to conduct a unit-level check (U-CHEck**) of the Funding Proposal in ERA. RA Staff can review the Post Submission Actions page on the Research Administration website for guidance on how to conduct the review. 

You are receiving this email as part of our internal process to assist units prepare to receive an award. Please note that this email should not be construed as a promise of award. 

**U-CHEck is a process conducted prior to award activation in order to reduce administrative burden and minimize inaccuracies at activation time.  U-CHEck involves reviewing the Funding Proposal in ERA to determine whether changes are required. This process is intended to make internal changes only and cannot be used to make changes that require prior sponsor approval.