New Principal Investigator Dashboard Now Available in Workday

Principal Investigators are now linked directly to the New Principal Investigator Dashboard from MyASU. (Navigation:  Employment > Reporting > Principal Investigator Dashboard)

Improvements to the Dashboard include:

  • The Grant Budget Actual Report automatically displays for the PI running the report when the Dashboard is opened.  The PI does not need to enter report prompts and run the report manually.
  • A new Tab, PI Portfolio that includes reports for both Grants and all Programs tied to the PIs Academic Employee Worktag.  The PI Portfolio is a quick view of all Grants and Programs associated with a PI.  It also runs automatically once the one-time set up for the Academic Employee Report is configured.  (check out the Resources Tab or video on how to set up the one-time configuration of the Academic Employee Worktag). 
  • A new Tab entitled Resources that includes simplified Work Instructions on how to use the Dashboard.
  • A five-minute video tour of the Dashboard functionality embedded in the Dashboard Announcement.

If your department would like a one on one training on how to use the Dashboard, please email Edalia Kousari.