New Process for Requesting External Organizations Be Added in ERA

Update on RUSH requests has been posted here.

Users can now create an Organization Request within their My ERA dashboard when a new sponsor or subrecipient organization needs to be added into ERA*. The ERA Organization Request smartform will allow users to input the required information and submit requests directly to KE Analytics within ERA. Once a request is submitted, the KE Analytics team is able to review and finalize the addition of the new external organization. Users will be able to monitor requests in their dashboard and there is no anticipated change in the current turnaround time for these requests. Users can monitor, edit, and withdraw (if necessary) these requests under the My Organization Requests tab of their My ERA dashboard.  

For instructions, see ERA External Organization Request.

Note: If you have a rush request for a proposal due within less than three business days, please be sure to indicate this in question #1 of the Organization Request smartform by selecting ‘Yes’ in the “Is this a RUSH request?” field. It is also recommended that you email the KE Analytics team at [email protected] to notify the team that you have submitted a rush request once you have submitted the request in ERA. 

*When searching for sponsors/subaward institutions, please remember to use the ‘%’ to allow for all results containing the phrase/word to be pulled. For example: When searching for Northeastern Illinois University, it may be best to search as “%Illinois” to pull up all results that include Illinois in the title.

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