New Resource for Preparing Facilities & Equipment: Arizona Core Network

A new resource, Arizona Core Network, is available for researchers at ABOR universities to reference when preparing proposals, especially the Facilities and Equipment related documents. This resource has a search engine function that allows the researcher to view the different core research facilities available, including the cost, the location, and many even have a description of the facility. Please feel free to share with your researchers so that they are aware of this resource.

The Arizona Core Network formed to improve access, leverage investment, increase utilization, and boost the collective research competitiveness of our state universities.

The Arizona Core Network represents a range of disciplines, including biological and health sciences, chemical, material and structural analysis, electronics and nanofabrication, forestry and environmental science, and computing and data science. This collaboration is a unified investment in Arizona’s future, seeding growth economically, educationally and entrepreneurially. Our combined resources better position researchers and scientists to tackle issues that affect Arizona