New Subaward Communication Process

The Subawards team is introducing a new process to ensure consistent communication with the RA community on required documentation, expectations, and deadlines.

All required documentation must be provided in order for the Subawards team to move forward on the drafting process. See Research Administration Roles & Responsibilities and Subrecipient Information for more guidance on required documentation.

This new process will include clear communication with RAs regarding requested documents and will provide deadlines for obtaining the requested material. Documents not provided within two-weeks may result in the ERA Agreements task being placed in a state of “Suspended.” A Suspended task means that the Subawards team will then follow up monthly rather than weekly. If all required documents are not received within 75 days from task creation, the task maybe canceled.

The new communication process is intended to provide clarity on requirements, expectations, and deadlines in order to establish subawards. Additional training on the Subawards Process is available. Please contact or to setup additional training for your department.