New Workday Report Alert – Sponsored Payments and Expense Summary

Our current Revenue and Spend Report is being retired.  We have built a replacement report called Sponsored Payments and Expense Summary which units can being using immediately. We will host a training/demo session on how to use this report on January 8, 2020 (click here for details). Below are some important considerations regarding the report:

  • The report includes information such as Sponsor Payments Applied to an Invoice, Sponsor Refunds, and Sponsor Write-Offs.  As all of these items are applied at an Award level, not the grant account level, the report only allows users to run the report by Award number.
  • As with most Workday reports, the Period will default to the fiscal period.  However, you will have the ability to change the period in the Prompts as needed. 
  • There is an optional Invoice Payment/ Refund Date (on or before) prompt.  If a date is entered into this field, you will see the amount(s) of invoice payments and refunds issued for the award through a specific date.  All other data points on the report will provide results through the period entered. 
  • The drill-down data listed in Sponsor Total Refund will provide details related to refunds issued directly to the Sponsor and adjustments applied to other outstanding Sponsor Invoices.  The amount will reflect as $0.00 prior to drilling into the details if the adjustment was applied to a different invoice. 
  • We will keep the current Revenue and Spend report in Production as it includes financial details related to conversion.  Grant Administration will still rely on this report to aid us in revenue cleanup.