New Workday Report for Grants

We have received helpful feedback from the departments about the challenges of determining available line-item balances due to the differences in grant budgeting structure between ERA and Workday. To help units overcome this limitation, a new version of the Budget to Actuals – Grant – Ledger Detail report has been created. The new report, Budget to Actuals – Grant Ledger Detail – Repeat By, has the following features:

  1. The new report rolls up ledger accounts into broader ledger summaries to make it easier to view expenditure rates. The ledger summaries can be expanded to show all of the ledger details.

2. In the prompts, you will notice a “Repeat By” option.  This is helpful when reviewing several awards or grants as the output will group your columns based on your selection.  For example,  if you search by an award, and select repeat by Grant, the output will reflect the details for the ledger summaries and group them by grant as pictured below:

3. The report allows you to group by Award, Cost Center, Grant, and Grant Lead PI. Depending on your other search criteria, this feature is an option that will allow you to review the output in a more user-friendly way.

The report is now live and units are encouraged to start using the report right away. For questions about the report contact Kianga Stevenson.