New Workday Reports

Thanks to all of the help from the RA Community and the great support from ASU’s FMS Support Team, we have three incredible new reports that were published in Workday last week:

  • Expenditure Monitoring – PCard Grant Holding Account Balances
    • A far more efficient way to check the balance of your pcard grant holding account.
    • Please check it out – we currently have almost $300,000 in expenses on these accounts that likely need to be moved to grants.
  • Expenditure Monitoring – Payroll Application by Worker
    • Wonder where the pay for a specific employee landed? Trying to reconcile a recent pay period after payroll redistributions? Then this is the report for you. This report allows you to see where all of the pay for a specific worker has posted, even if its not a grant account.
  • Expenditure Monitoring – Transactions Outside of Grant Period
    • Just because a grant ended 4 months ago and it is no longer being reconciled doesn’t mean that expenses won’t find a way to hide themselves there. Use this report to quickly identify if any expenses have accidentally posted to any of your grants that ended long, long ago…