Update, 2/1/2022 – S2S is back for most NIH proposals.

FORMS-G has been implemented in ERA, and system-to-system (S2S) submission for most NIH proposals can now resume – with the following known issues (which are being worked on):

  • The PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information V3.0 form is missing the Other Primary Purpose field and needs minor label corrections. If your submission will include ‘Other’ as the Primary Purpose selected in a study record on the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trials Information V3.0 form, you will need to submit non-S2S via ASSIST or Workspace. (A fix for this form is anticipated by the end of February 2022)
  • A handful of country and state fields are not mapping and will need to be manually completed.

Notes for Subaward Import:

  • In order for Subaward Imports to work, the subrecipient institution’s Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) number must be added to the ERA MasterStore. Send subrecipient entity names and UEI numbers to [email protected]. (A mass update is being worked on, but this is the process until that is complete).
  • The current and compatible R&R Subaward Budget Attachment can be extracted from the R & R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 5 YR 30 ATT posted on the R&R Family forms repository page. Or click the download button below and open the downloaded file in Adobe:
  • If sending S2S and using subaward import, the FOA must include the following form (whether required or optional).
    • Research & Related Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form 5 YR 30 ATT V1.4

Contact [email protected] with any ERA system questions or issues.


Original Post, 9/14/2021 – NIH FORMS-G to Launch in ERA in January or February 2022

In October, NIH will release FORMS-G application packages, and will begin requiring FORMS-G for all applications due on or after January 25, 2022. Huron, the entity that designed and supports the product that ASU’s ERA system is built on, will then need to develop an updated version of the SF424 for system-to-system (S2S) use. Huron anticipates releasing their FORMS-G SF424 on December 31, 2021 – however, once released, ASU developers will still need at least 3-4 weeks to test and deploy the updates in ERA.

What does this mean for NIH proposals in the meantime?

Based on the timeline above and the potential for delays, NIH proposals due at the end of January – early February should be prepared for submission via ASSIST or Workspace (not S2S). Prior to deployment of FORMS-G in ERA, users will see an error message for NIH FOAs indicating that S2S submission is not supported.

Once the FORMS-G SF424 is deployed in ERA, ASU will be able to return to S2S submission for NIH proposals. Updates will be posted here on Research Operations News, including notice when FORMS-G is available in ERA.


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