NIH S2S Blackout Period 10/10 – 10/19

Update, 10/23/2018

The ERA Grants Portal Upgrade is complete and the NIH S2S Blackout Period has ended. See 


Original Post, 9/25/2018:

Notice – NIH S2S Blackout Period 10/10 – 10/19

There will be a temporary NIH S2S Blackout from Oct 10 – Oct 19, 2018 where NIH proposals will not be supported for System-to-System (S2S) submission from ASU’s ERA Grants System. During the NIH S2S Blackout Period, NIH proposals will need to be submitted non-S2S.

Note: S2S submissions for other sponsors will not be impacted, and can continue to go S2S during the NIH S2S Blackout.


If you have an NIH proposal that is due between 10/10 and 10/19, or if you are otherwise planning to submit an NIH proposal during that timeframe, you will need to:

  1. Check the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to confirm acceptable submission options.
    • Most NIH FOAs will allow submission via NIH’s ASSIST system, and/or through gov Workspace.
      • Either of those options are fine, depending on RA preference. However, our understanding is that ASSIST’s pre-submission validations are superior to those employed in
  1. Update the ERA Funding Proposal (FP), FP SmartForm 2 General Proposal Information, Question 4.0 by selecting ‘Non-S2S…’ ORSPA (the assigned Proposal GCO) will submit.


  1. Confirm that you are registered for the submission option that you have selected.
    • For Workspace, refer to theFederal Sponsor Portal Registration Job Aid on
    • For ASSIST, you will need an NIH eRA Commons
      • The Research Advancement Manager (RAM), team lead, or another team member with the Administrative Official (AO) role in eRA Commons will need to create an account for you and give you the AO role.
  1. Advise the PI(s) that there will be multiple system-generated email messages from ASSIST/ that require no action
  2. Proceed with proposal development, as usual. Processing the ERA FP, and simultaneously completing the sponsor application in the submission portal of choice.
  3. When the proposal is ready for final review and/or submission, communicate with the Proposal GCO in ERA. Include the following information in your message:
    • Request that the Proposal GCO review and/or submit the application
    • Indicate the submission system being used
    • Identify the application/proposal ID assigned in the submission portal


Why is there a Blackout?

NIH has announced that they will no longer support the current version of S2S SF424 forms starting October 10th. ASU and our vendor for the ERA platform, Huron, have been preparing to launch the new version of S2S SF424 forms on October 19th.

NIH’s announcement was unexpected, and does not allow sufficient time to prudently and effectively upgrade ERA to the new versions of NIH SF424 forms prior to October 10th. Avoiding S2S for NIH proposals during the gap between Oct 10th and Oct 19th will ensure successful submission of ASU’s NIH proposals.

After October 19th, it is anticipated that users can safely return to S2S for NIH proposals moving forward.



For assistance with ASU’s Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) system, contact (5.9065, Option 0)

For non-ERA questions about the ASU process instructions above, please contact

For system support in ASSIST or Workspace, please contact the sponsor system helpdesks directly as follows: