NIH Software Update

***7/24/2019: Update highlighted below***

National Institutes of Health (NIH) will be doing a software update for the format the grant application image assembles in (ie. Table of Contents font size). This should not affect submission of proposals, in fact, you likely won’t even notice the difference.

NIH would like to remind everyone to double-check your application prior to submitting using the application preview feature. If you have already submitted and notice something was incorrect with the assembly, you have a 2-day window* to contact eRA Service Desk. In the case that eRA Service Desk determines the error was due to a failure within eRA or other federal system, they will work on it with you using the NIH guidelines, Dealing with System Issues.

*Please note the 2-day window does not extend past the sponsor submission deadline. (i.e. If you submit 5 minutes before the deadline, you will not have an extra 2 days after the deadline to make corrections.)

You can view NIH’s eSubmission Items of Interest posts for more tips on NIH proposal submission.

Take a look at the NIH Submission Process for more information.