NSF Collaborators & Other Affiliations (COA)

NSF published FAQs for the Collaborators and Other Affiliations document, which clarifies many of the nuances on the form. Specifically, there is more information detailing who to include when an investigator is an editor for a journal.

  • When an investigator is Chief Editor of a journal, list all Associate/Assistant Editors
  • If an investigator is an Associate/Assistant editor, they should name the Chief Editor and any other editors they interacted with
    • This does not include subcategories of editorial boards (i.e. Editorial Advisory Boards, International Advisory Boards, Scientific Editors, etc.)
  • If an investigator was on a group email with editors, those individuals do not need to be listed if the only interaction was through a group email chain


For more information on all of the tables in the document, please review the NSF FAQs.