NSF SRS RNs Proposal Limit Per Person

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has an open solicitation for their Sustainable Regional Systems Research Networks (SRS RNs) program (NSF 20-611).

As ASU is preparing and participating in a number of proposals in response to NSF 20-611, research advancement staff and Principal Investigators (PIs) should alert all investigators and senior personnel, including individuals from partner institutions or sub-recipients, that NSF will be stringent regarding the Limit on Number of Proposals per person.

Each PI, Co-PI, or senior person may only be named on ONE proposal per Track under this solicitation. The result for noncompliance will be that, after the first proposal, any subsequent proposals submitted for the same track with the same person listed will be returned without review. Please be proactive in educating your stakeholders on any proposals for this solicitation.

If you know of proposals in the works for this solicitation that have not yet been started in ERA, please set them up as soon as possible.

Below is the relevant excerpt from NSF 20-611

Limit on Number of Proposals per PI or Co-PI: 2

No more than one for Track 1 and one for Track 2 (two total, but those two must be in separate tracks and cannot have the same project idea).

An individual may appear as PI, co-PI, or Senior Personnel on no more than one Track 1 and one Track 2 proposal submitted in response to this solicitation. Please note that these two separate proposals (Track 1 and Track 2) cannot be on the same topic.

If an individual exceeds the two-proposal limit, the first proposals received within the limit will be accepted based on earliest date and time of proposal submission, and the remainder will be returned without review. This limitation includes proposals submitted by a lead organization and any subawards involving multiple organizations. No exceptions will be made.