ORSPA Email Notifications for Projects Ending in 90 Days

Due to recent system changes, the automated ORSPA email notifications for projects ending in 90 days are currently disabled. As ORSPA works to address this issue, units have two different options to find this information:

ERA Awards Search

Units can use the search functionality in ERA Awards to find awards ending soon, awards by PI, RA or lead financial unit. For example, to find awards ending in the next 90 days:

  1. Log in to ERA using ASURITE and password.

2. From your homepage, click on the Awards link under the Grants tab:

3. The Awards page defaults to the Active tab and the Basic search. To search for awards ending in the next 90 days, you will need to click on the Advanced search link: 

4. Selecting the Advanced search option will add two additional rows to the search. To search for awards ending in the next 90 days, add a filter for Lead Financial Unit Code, Award End Date (>= today’s date) and Award End Date (>= today’s date plus 90 days) as shown below:

5. Click Go.

6. You can export your results to Excel by scrolling to the right side of the screen and clicking on the  button.

Other Considerations for ERA Awards Searches

In ERA Awards you can also conduct searches by:

OKED Research Analytics Report

OKED Research Analytics has developed and posted report, Sponsored Awards Ending Within 60 to 90 Days. You can access the report via this link (you will be prompted to login with your ASURITE and password). To export the results, go to Actions, then Export and select the type of file you want your results exported to:

Other Considerations for the OKED Research Analytics Report

This report includes all ASU awards set to expire within 60-90 days. This report does not have any search/filter functionality and does not include the lead financial unit name/code.