ORSPA SharePoint Update: E-Business now on RA SharePoint

ORSPA SharePoint is migrating to an Office 365 platform, however any resources needed by the Research Advancement community should be available on RA SharePoint: asu.edu/rahome.

Any residual bookmarked links to E-Business, Award Files, My Items in ORSPA, etc. should be updated.

E-Business is a list of institutional ID’s and passwords for various online sponsor portals. The list is maintained by ResOps and is accessible to the RA community. (Note that this list is for ASU (ORSPA) login info. For ASU Foundation ID’s and passwords, RA Staff will need to contact ASUF)

Award documentation is stored in the ORSPA Awards folder. (See the Award Folder Structure and Naming Conventions job aid for help navigating the folders.)

In addition to accessing award documents, unit staff may need to access these folders to find copies of proposal documents for awarded proposals and/or to prepare renewal applications.

Provides status updates on award modifications (“Award Mods”). See News Post, My Items in ORSPA Upgrade, for additional information.