PACS System Retiring 3/29/2019

The PostAward Changes SharePoint (PACS) system will be fully retired on March 29, 2019.

Any documents and workflows currently in PACS will need to be downloaded or PDF’d prior to Friday, March 29th.

The PACS system has been primarily used for routing of Investigators and/or Allocations Changes (IAC) forms, in order to obtain approvals on post-award changes to allocations and investigators at the award level in ERA Awards.

The IAC form will continue to be available on the Forms & Templates page of the researchadmin website, and email approvals will be accepted for the time being until a system solution for the IAC process is implemented.

WI-EP-130 Manage Change has been updated to remove references to PACS, and instead instruct unit staff to acquire approvals by email.

Note: FY18 Payroll Redistribution Requests and the Additional Pay Form are managed on RA SharePoint (

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