Payroll Redistributions Tips – Avoiding Returned Redistributions

Grant in Deficit

When a payroll redistribution is being submitted on a grant that is showing a deficit on the combined “Total Indirect Cost and Direct Cost” line on the Budget to Actuals-Grant report in Workday, it will typically be returned to the submitter. In order to reduce returns, if a situation is in play such as the grant is ASUF funded, thus only the Total Direct Cost line should be looked at, or there is a mod or at-risk in process, be sure to indicate this in one of the justifications on the redistribution. This will help reduce the likelihood the redistribution will be returned for insufficient funds.

Note that the output report the Fiscal Compliance Team (FCT) in Fiscal Oversight runs to determine if sufficient funds are available adds the Encumbrances and Reserves to the Available Balance in Workday.

Grant Starts or Ends During Pay Period

Please include in one of the justifications that the pay being transferred is only that which is within the grant period. Pay prior to or after the grant start/end dates is unallowable. This lack of clarification has resulted in a large number of redistributions being returned. If the pay period is partially outside the grant end date, be sure to change the Close Date to the grant end date. Note that if payroll (within the grant period) is being transferred to a grant that has ended, prior to approving the redistribution the FCT must get AMT GCO approval to move the pay to the expired grant.

Payroll Redistributions Contacts

Questions should be addressed to [email protected]. [email protected] is the lead for payroll redistributions and monitors this email box; he is happy to answer your questions. [email protected] can be contacted for complicated issues or questions.

Please share this information with your unit’s business and/or HR office, or the person who usually handles payroll redistributions.