Phase II ERA Portal Upgrade

UPDATE, 8/15/2022 – ERA is back online. Phase II of the ERA Portal 10 Upgrade finished ahead of schedule. See details below for new features and functionality implemented in ERA.

8/5/2022 ERA Portal 10 Upgrade for Agreements, COI, and IRB

On August 15, 2022 the ERA Portal 10 Upgrade – Phase II will be released.  This release will upgrade the following ERA stores to Portal 10:

  • ERA Agreements
  • ERA COI (Conflict of Interest)
  • ERA IRB (Institutional Review Board)

What does this mean?

This upgrade will offer new and improved features to make the end-user experience better. 

Users are welcome to explore the changes through the upgraded training sites:  

Here are the highlighted changes to be on the lookout for.

Phase II: Agreements, COI, IRB 

Common ERA Updates 

  • Accessibility, performance, and security improvements 


  • Breadcrumbs to the current location makes it easy to see what page in the project you are viewing  
  • Hyperlinks to parent pages for the project allow you to easily navigate with a simple click 


  • SmartForm controls to ExitSave, and Continue are now always visible in the bottom right of the page, and clicking Continue conveniently saves and opens the next SmartForm 
  • The left menu navigation can be collapsed and expanded to increase screen real estate or jump between SmartForms 
  • New SmartForm UI has skip and keyboard navigation for improved accessibility


  • ASU Reports now start as a slide-in window instead of a pop-up 
  • The Actions drop down menu has the options to Change Parameters or Export 


  • When submitting new documents, the Title of the document can be modified on the fly removing the need to rename files ahead of time 
  • Download CopyUpload Revision, and Delete are within the three dots (ellipse) menu to the right of any uploaded document 

For more details, please reference the Portal 10 PowerPoint Slides.

Encounter an issue?

First, check with a colleague and then contact the ERA Helpdesk

ERA Help:

For bugs and other technical issues: Email [email protected]

To submit an enhancement request: Email [email protected]

ERA Support is available during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. Support requests submitted outside of regular business hours will be addressed during the next business day.

ERA will need to be offline for this upgrade starting Friday, August 12 at 5PM. The system may not be back up and running until the afternoon of Monday, August 15. Please plan ahead and communicate with your faculty and stakeholders as follows:

  • Agreements – Please communicate with your GCO if there are any rush agreements or modifications that must be completed prior to the outage.
  • Proposals due 8/12 – 8/16 should be submitted by 3PM on Friday Aug 12th, prior to the system going offline.
    • *System-to-System (S2S), and all other ERA functionality, will be unavailable during the outage.*
  • Post-Award – Please communicate with your AMT GCO if there are any rush awards or modifications that must be completed prior to the outage.
  • IBC, IRB, and COI – All submissions and reviews in compliance modules – Conflict of Interest, Institutional Review Board, Institutional Biosafety Committee – will be unavailable during the ERA upgrade outage (Friday 8/12 at 5PM – Monday 8/15 in the afternoon). If you have submissions to these compliance modules that are due August 12, August 15, or August 16, please submit them no later than NOON Arizona time on August 10th for the team to get them in the review cycle prior to the outage.