Position Remapping to RID Account After Grant Expiration Date

Positions mapped to an expiring/expired grant account in PeopleSoft will automatically be remapped to the RID account of the grant account’s lead financial unit if those positions are not mapped to a payroll continuation account. For example:

Grant End DatePosition Mapping in PSAutomatic Remapping
to RID Account?
10/31/2019Effective 07/01/2019:

Effective 11/01/2019:
10/31/2019Effective 07/01/2019:

This process runs the Monday after the end of the pay period. To avoid unnecessary payroll redistributions, units are advised of the following:

  • If the project is ending: Financial Services requests that units re-map payroll in PeopleSoft prior to the grant end-date.
  • If the project is expected to continue beyond the grant end-date: units are advised to allow enough time coordinate any required grant end-date changes (whether in processing mods or at-risk requests) with AMT. All grant end-date changes should be completed in ERA/Workday the by 5PM the Friday before the pay period ends to ensure that the end date changes feed in time to PeopleSoft.

How does the automatic remapping process work?

Workday feeds grant account end dates to PeopleSoft every night. During the on-cycle payroll distribution process, PeopleSoft identifies grant accounts that have ended (or are ending) with the on-cycle payroll period that still have payroll mapped to them. Using the grant’s responsible cost center/program account information, all payroll lines currently mapped to the grant account are remapped to the responsible account effective the day after the grant account end date. These end dates are found on the award line associated with the grant in the field labeled “to date”.

How is the responsible cost center/ program account information determined?

In ERA, each lead financial unit is associated with a RID program account and RID Cost Center. When a new grant account is created in ERA, each account is tied to a lead financial unit and to its corresponding RID program/cost center information.

During the ERA-Workday integration process, this information is captured in the “memo” field associated with the grant’s award line.

If an award has child accounts, will all payroll be remapped to the RID account of the award lead financial unit?

No. The responsible account information is pulled at the account level, not the award level. For example, a School of Life Sciences award has a child account associated with Biodesign. During this process, payroll on the Biodesign child account would be remapped to the Biodesign RID program.