Possible Bug: Activity Code Mapping Change in ERA

Due to a temporary error in ERA, 506 grants recently had their A2200-Organized Research worktag changed to the A7101-Sholarships/Fellowships worktag. The ERA team immediately fixed this issue within ERA, and Workday has been updated to reflect the correct values on these grants. Please note that for a temporary period, some transactions (such as requisitions or supplier invoices) may experience a similar worktag error mid-way through the processing cycle. Grant Managers are advised to review  the Activity worktag which is listed under the *Additional Worktags Column:

Incorrect Activity Worktag

Correct Activity Worktag


If the incorrect Activity Code is present, return the transaction to the initiator. The initiator will then need to remove the incorrect grant worktag and select it again so that the correct worktag renders. ORSPA and Financial Services are working on the long-term strategy of addressing posted transactions that have the incorrect activity code worktag.

For questions, please reach out for assistance via the Service Now portal.