Post-Award Focus: Missing Award Budgets in Workday

Have you ever received an award activation notification but can’t see the budget in any Workday financial reports you pull?
The missing budget in Workday can be a result of one of the following:

  1. An ERA/Workday integration bug which resulted in no budget going over. The Award Management Team and KE Grant Administration Team monitor and fix integration failures. No unit action is required.
  2. A new award was activated in the month prior to the obligated start date of the award (i.e. award activated in September but award starts in November).

New Awards Activated Prior to Obligated Start Date

A new award can be successfully activated prior to the obligated start date if a sponsor issues a notice of award early or when pre-award spending has been approved. However, even though an award can be active in Workday, the award budget only becomes effective on the start date of the award.

How does the effective budget in Workday affect awards activated prior to the obligated start date?

While the award can remain active prior to the obligated start of the award, Workday financial reports will not pull budget or budget amendments that have an effective date for a future period. For example, an award activated in September with a start date in November.

Is there a way to pull budget detail in Workday for active awards before the budget becomes effective?

Yes, units can continue using reports such as Budget to Actuals – Grant or Budget to Actuals – Grant Ledger Detail. Since Workday financial reports default to the current fiscal period, to see budget detail for this type of award units need to change the default “Period” worktag on the report to the period in which the award obligated start date occurs (1-minute video demo here).

How can I check the effective budget date of an award that was activated prior to the obligated start date?

In Workday, search for the award using the Award ID. From the Overview Tab, scroll to the bottom to see if the Start Date of the award is in a future period (30-second video demo here).

Can I start spending on an active award if the budget is not yet effective?

If you have been authorized for pre-award spending, you can spend even though the budget is not yet effective. This can actually be helpful to get a sense of how much you spent prior to the effective date of the award budget.