Process Change: New ERA External Organization Request

UPDATE, 1/6/2021 – The information below is outdated, and has been replaced by New Process for Requesting External Organizations Be Added in ERA.

Original Post, 4/1/2020:

The process to request to add a new external organization to ERA has changed. The only change is the email address to send requests to. All requests should be sent to by using the “New ERA External Organization Request” templates on ResearchAdmin’s Forms and Templates page. will no longer be used to request adding an external organizations to ERA. All emails sent to before May 15, 2020 will be redirected to; After May 15, will be discontinued and you will need to resend the request to the correct email address (

An RA should be using this process when needing to add a sponsor or subaward institution that is not already in ERA. When searching for sponsors/subaward institutions, please remember to use the ‘%’ to allow for all results containing the phrase/word to be pulled. For example: When searching for Northeastern Illinois University, it may be best to search as “%Illinois” to pull up all results that include Illinois in the title.