Quick Tips for Workday Searches

Search Preferences

To ensure the best search results, make sure your search preference settings in Workday are set to search All of Workday. To update your preferences:

1. Click on the cloud icon located on the upper right side of your screen (accessible from any Workday location):





2. Click on My Account

3. Click on Change Preferences

4. Scroll Down to Search Preferences

5. Select All of Workday



6. Click Okay

Available Actions

You can access the Actions Menu from any link in Workday by doing the following:

1. Hover your cursor over the Workday link until an ellipses appears:






2. Click on the ellipses to open the Actions Menu:













Searching by PI

To find Awards and Grants associated with a specific PI in Workday you can do a search for Role Assignments for Worker Position. To access this search:

1. Enter the PI’s name in the Workday search box and Hit Enter.



2. From the Search Results, access the Actions Menu of the Employee result by clicking the ellipses.






3. Under Actions, scroll down to Business Process






4. Click on View Roles for Worker Position

5. From the Role Assignments for Worker Position screen click OK

6. You will see active Awards and Grants for that PI: