RA Community Encouraged to Share Research Intensification Plan with Investigators

As ASU begins to ramp up on-campus research activities, the RA Community is encouraged to share the Research Intensification Plan with investigators. To help disseminate this information, RAs can use the sample language included below and distribute to their internal faculty/investigator distribution lists. 

SUBJECT: Research Intensification Plan 

As Arizona eases restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, ASU Knowledge Enterprise recognizes that our community is eager to increase on-campus research, experimentation and study. 

While ASU continues to recommend telework as the preferred option for personnel, we are beginning a measured approach to ramp up research activities that cannot be completed remotely. These research activities are in addition to the ongoing, on-campus critical tasks related to research facility management and security, animal care and COVID-19 testing and research efforts. 

Investigators are encouraged to bookmark the Research Intensification Plan page as further updates to the process for increasing on-campus research will be posted there. 

Process for Increasing On-Campus Research 

Investigators looking to ramp-up on campus research activities will need to: 

  • Create and submit a lab, human subjects or field safety plan. 
  • Await approval of the plan from chair and dean. 
  • Receive confirmation their building is ready for occupancy. 
  • Be given a return to campus date. 

To create and submit a lab, human subjects or field safety plan using investigators must use the Research Intensification online platform. The platform includes resources and guidance (including Human Subjects), as well as individual portals for each of the three research safety areas. Investigators are encouraged to review the Research Intensification page for more information.