Redesigned “My Desktop” Landing Page

On June 24, the National Science Foundation (NSF) introduced a redesigned “My Desktop” landing page that users see after signing in. This redesign is based on feedback from the research community. The landing pages before and after signing in to now have a similar look and feel, and both are organized by functionality to improve navigation and usability.

NSF wants to hear from you about the landing page redesign, and we encourage you to submit feedback using one of the following options:

  • ForeSee Survey on Comments about the redesigned landing page may be submitted through the pop-up ForeSee survey on
  • 2019 NSF PI/SPO Survey: NSF is currently surveying Principal Investigators (PIs) and Sponsored Project Office (SPO) staff about the FastLane and proposal preparation and submission systems. There are open-ended questions at the end of the survey where survey participants can share their thoughts about the redesigned landing page. The survey is available until July 1, 2019 at
  • Feedback Form: Feedback may be submitted at any time via the feedback form.

For IT system-related questions, please contact the NSF Help Desk at 1-800-381-1532 or Policy-related questions should be directed to