Reminder: Completed ERA Funding Proposal (FP) Needed Before Award Agreement Finalized

When a new award agreement arrives with urgency or a short turnaround sponsor deadline, an ERA Agreements Task is created as soon as possible in order to engage an Agreement Reviewer, Grant + Contract Officer (GCO), to review and negotiate the agreement, as needed.

While the Agreements GCO can work on the agreement in parallel while the RA completes the ERA Funding Proposal (FP), particularly in cases where the proposal is being processed After-the-Fact (ATF), the Agreement Task cannot be finalized (and Agreement should typically not be signed) until the FP is complete, including approvals from all appropriate Department Reviewers.

When submitting or following-up on any RUSH Agreement request(s), ensure that the associated FP(s) are complete and in the ‘Submitted…’ state in ERA.

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