Reminders & Updates: Additional Funds (Revisions and Renewals)

The transition period for creating Revision proposals in accord with the current Additional Funds for a Sponsored Project process has been extended through June 19th

Revision proposals created in ERA on or after June 20th must be created using the New Revision (Supplement) button from the original awarded funding proposal in ERA.

For instructions and more information, please see the Additional Funds for a Sponsored Project page. Please send questions and suggestions to An RA Seminar on this topic has been scheduled for July 17th, and the Additional Funds for a Sponsored Project page is continually updated with questions and answers as they arise.

Recently added FAQ’s include:

  • Why must Revision proposals be created by clicking the New Revision button?
  • What do I do if the original awarded proposal was submitted prior to the launch of the ERA Proposals module?
  • What if I still have questions or have an unusual circumstance?