RID & IIA Distributions

The RID and IIA distribution process has been redesigned and tested to accommodate the Workday implementation. Below is the distribution schedule to remit all RID/IIA currently due to departments and faculty. Going forward, RID and IIA will be distributed on a monthly basis.


July & August: Journals were submitted earlier this week to Financial Services for processing. The journals are expected to be approved by early next week.

September & October: Journals are scheduled to be submitted to Financial Services for processing by Wednesday, 11/21/18

FY2018 (RID Reconciliation)

Throughout the year, half of the RID earned by a department is remitted. After the close of the fiscal year, a review and reconciliation is completed in order to remit the remaining half. After the journals for FY2019 RID/IIA have been processed, KED Finance and the Workday Grants Functional Lead will be reconciling and remitting RID related to FY2018. This activity is anticipated to be completed before the close of the calendar year.

RID and IIA Dashboard

Departments can review and monitor anticipated F&A revenue distributions via the recently released suite of Tableau reports by Steve Saunders. They can be accessed directly via this link.

For RID questions, please contact KE Finance at OKED.RID@ASU.EDU

For IIA questions, please contact KE Finance at OKED.IIA@asu.edu