Sponsored Projects Record Retention Schedule

As a follow-up to the April 3rd RA Seminar “Sponsored Projects Retention Schedule” we wanted to provide a quick reference tool summarizing key information presented during the seminar. The guide is included below and available here in PDF format.


Guidance on record retention is outlined in several record retention schedules referenced in multiple ASU policy manuals. The retention schedule applicable to sponsored projects records is detailed in Schedule Number 999-15-20 and has been summarized in the quick reference table below:

To see full-size version click directly on the graphic.

More information can be found on the Research Administration website. A detailed review of record retention policies and governance can be found in the Research Academy RA and Research Ops seminar, Sponsored Projects Record Retention Schedule.

Guidance on Records Management at Arizona State University, including access to all University retention schedules can be found on the University Archives site.