Spring After-the-Fact Review Report Acknowledgement Window Now Open

The review and acknowledgement window for Spring After-the-Fact Review Reports is now open. Lead Principal Investigators whose awards had payroll charges in Spring 2020 (12/30/2019 – 05/17/2020) received an email with links to the reports and a request for their review and acknowledgment of the payroll charges. PIs will have 45 days to review the reports, initiate any payroll redistributions and acknowledge the report.

RAs listed as “After-the-Fact Reporting” contacts for the lead financial unit of the award were copied on the email and will have access to the reports. If a lead financial unit currently does not have “After-the-Fact Reporting” contacts listed in ERA, access and email notifications will default to the unit’s “Post-Award Research Administrators”.

To ensure email notifications are being routed to the correct contacts and to ensure appropriate access to ATF Review Reports, units are strongly encouraged to request the Unit Administrator Role in ERA to review/update unit contacts (see blog post here).  

For questions about updating unit contacts in ERA or the Unit Administrator role, email ERA@asu.edu.

For questions about After-the-Fact Review Reports email ATF-q@asu.edu.