Subaward Invoice Processing & Award Modifications Update

Subaward Invoice Processing

The Award Management Team (AMT) is working with Accounts Payable on the payment of subaward invoices.  With the implementation of Workday there have been some issues, which have delayed the payment of subaward invoices.  Examples of issues we have encountered are permissions to update the SC to reflect the SCON number in Workday and several existing Subrecipients were not registered in Workday as suppliers.  All issues have been identified and critical importance in resources are working on the resolutions.  In addition, we are working with Accounts Payable and others in how best to redesign and streamline this process.

Below is the current Subaward Invoice process:

  1. AMT receives subaward invoice.
  2. The Award Management team ensures the invoice is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the subaward.
  3. In the event of any issues with the invoice, AMT will work directly with the Subrecipient to correct the invoice.
  4. Once reviewed, AMT will send the subaward invoice to the PI for approval.
  5. Once PI approval is received, AMT will send the subaward invoice to Accounts Payable to be entered into Workday for payment.  If the subaward has been identified as urgent, we have worked out a process with Accounts Payable to expedite the process.
  6. Once in Workday, the supplier invoice will be routed to the Grants Manager for approval.
  7. Once the Grants Manager approves, AP will release payment.


Thank you to those who have reached out and shared ideas for improvements and issues being encountered.  This information is extremely helpful.  We anticipate making a significant step in the payment of subawards that have been delayed in the coming week.  You will be updated on our subaward process as it evolves.

Award Modifications

We have also been experiencing issues with processing award modifications.  The primary integration issue was resolved last night and we have resumed processing modifications today.  We had an eight day freeze that has created a backlog but we are doing everything we can to get them moved through the system as quickly as possible.