Subaward Invoicing Process Change Effective 02/01/2021

Effective 02/01/21 we are implementing a change in the subaward invoicing process which will require Principal Investigators to approve subaward invoices in Workday. We began this process as a pilot in September 2020 in an effort to provide additional transparency into the approval process and to streamline payment to subrecipients. The pilot has been successful and we are now ready to roll this out across the university. What this means is that all subaward invoices will route to the PI’s Workday inbox for approval after they are approved by the Grant Manager. If the PI has an approved Fiscal Delegate, the invoice will go into both the PI and Fiscal Delegates inbox, only one of which need to approve. If the Fiscal Delegate is also the Grant Manager then their approval as Grant Manager will automatically apply approval as Fiscal Delegate.

PI’s can find and approve their subaward invoices in their Workday inbox. They can also approve their invoices with a mobile device, training can be found on Career Edge. They will not receive an email when an invoice is awaiting their approval but they will see it in their Workday inbox daily digest email.

In order to track invoices routing for approval you can use Workday report SubAward Supplier Invoice Tracking. This report allows you to review all invoices routing for approval within your Grant Hierarchy, Cost Center, Cost Center Hierarchy, or specific award. The report shows who the invoice is awaiting approval from and the number of days outstanding. Note that the SubAward Supplier Invoice Tracking report is only accessible to Grant Managers, Grant Lead Principal Investigators and Research Operations. If you do not have the appropriate role, you can use the Find Supplier Invoices for Departments report.

Award Management Team will monitor this report for the next three months to identify any subaward invoices that are getting stuck. We highly encourage you to review the report regularly and work with your PI’s for approval.

Nick Petersen will be available to answer any questions that come up related to this process and can be reached via email or Microsoft Teams. A Microsoft Teams Channel has been created for any questions. You can also join French Toast Friday on 02/05/21 as we will be discussing this topic.