Subrecipient Letter of Commitment Update

6/22/2022 – UPDATE: ASU has adopted the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Subrecipient Letter of Commitment template. Please use this template when including an FDP member organization as a subrecipient on a sponsored project.

6/20/2022 – REMINDER: Be sure to use the current version of the Subrecipient Letter of Commitment. Please remove any outdated versions of the template from your files and always pull a fresh copy from the Subaward Basics page (or Forms and Templates page) on the researchadmin website.

Original Post 5/10/2022 – ASU has updated the Subrecipient Letter of Commitment. The Subrecipient Letter of Commitment is to be used by subaward organizations who are part of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse. For subawards who are not part of the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse, please continue to use the full Subrecipient Commitment Form.

Please view the Subaward Basics page on Research Admin for more information on preparing a proposal with subawards.